Quality QA/QC Standards 
Universal Scaffolding & Equipment's manufacturing processes and products meet and exceed all American/Canadian & European Standards. The hot-dip galvanizing process meets ASTM-A123 and also meets the guidelines of the the Galvanizing Association of America. Universal has a full sized comprehensive quality control manual spanning approximately 300 pages which covers in detail the manufacturing process for every piece of our scaffold components. Over the 25+ years we have continued to modernize and upgrade our manufacturing processes in our ISO Certified factory to meet our Inspection and Testing Protocol(ITP). The ITP covers every incoming input, every phase of assembly, welding, galvanizing, cleaning and packaging and process documents and reports are generated at every phase of production.  These documents and reports are all kept on file physically for a minimum of 10 years and digitally forever. 


Universal Scaffolding & Equipment provides contractors with a unique product offering that is easily traceable, fully compatible and provides unmatched quality. All equipment sold is traceable and has sufficient supporting documents that cover any number of a production batch's testing & chemical composition. Every item Universal manufactures comes complete with a date and batch number clearly stamped onto the product.


Flexible Compatibility 
Universal Scaffolding & Equipment's Scaffold and Shoring/Forming products are fully compatible with other manufacturer's products.