Meter Shore Jack

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Meter Screw / Shore Jack 
Universal Formworks USA's UF-49823 Meter Screw / Shore Jacks are used for leveling, fine adjustment in elevation, and stripping clearance. The Meter Screw Jack (Fig. 15) is a full meter (39-3/8") in length with 1.9" OD, and provides a maximum extension of 27-3/8", longest in the industry. As a result, total adjustment range is 25¼", from 2-1/8" to 27-3/8". An 8" x 8" base plate is welded to the jack as a unit, so the jack can be used at top of the shore leg or at bottom. The plate has four holes which are used to clamp various accessories including the 8" x 8" U-Head Adapter.