Steel Ply Panels

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Steel Plywood Panels
Universal Formworks USA's Steel-Ply Formwork System is the most productive, pre-engineered, reusable, factory-built concrete forming system in use today. It is designed for maximum versatility and can be used to form virtually any concrete structure.

  • 1,000 psf allowable pressure.
  • ½” 100/30 HDO standard plywood face.
  • No special tools required – just a carpenter’s hammer.
  • The same form can be handset or gang-formed.
  • Only one type of connecting hardware is required – Wedge Bolts.
  • Plywood is edge sealed to repel moisture and prevent delamination.
  • Durable form where frames last 20 years or more with proper care.
  • Commonly used in carpenter training classes.



  • Panels weighs approximately 5 pounds per square foot.
  • Over 100 standard panel and filler sizes available.
  • Standard heights of 10, 9’, 8’, 6’, 5’, 4’, and 3’.
  • Standard widths from 4” to 24” in even increments.
  • Standard filler widths of 1”, 1 ½”, 2”, and 5” are also available.
  • 30” wide Adjustable Column and Pilaster forms.
  • Can be hand-set or put into larger gangs.