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Steel-Ply Turnbuckles 
Universal Formworks USA's Steel-ply Straight & Bent Turnbuckles (turnbrackets) for Steel-Ply Forms are designed to align vertical formwork. The turnbuckles allow for 6 inches of adjustment and is fully zinc plated. The Turnbuckle - Bent Plate standard consists of a length of angle iron, a self-cleaning turnbuckle and a steel toe plate. The angle iron is equipped with nail holes allowing the turnbuckle to be attached to a 2x4 or 2x6 to extend the reach. The Turnbuckle is fabricated with coil threads for quick and easy adjustments and the steel toe plate can accept a round steel stake, or to be nailed to a wood stake, or be inverted and nailed directly to a stud or wales. The Turnbuckle - Straight Plate is equipped with a spade-type toe plate designed for use with modular forms and wedge bolts. The safe working load for the Form Aligner is determined by the method of attachment and the extension lumber used.