Clamps & Adapters

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Cuplock Clamp on Vertical 
Universal's Cuplock Clamp on Vertical / Leg UF-CVC allows the scaffold to build a vertical column off of a horizontal or truss. This gives the scaffold builder more options on a scaffold so they can place an additional vertical between two other verticals where needed.


Cuplock Deck Adapter 
Universal's Cuplock Deck Adapter UF-CDA builds a level, uninterrupted platform / dance floor across the top of a cuplock scaffold. The deck adapter inserts into the top of a vertical and can then be screwed down to create a flat surface with the rest of the boards on the platform.


Cuplock Cantilever Extension Adapter 
Universal's Cuplock Cantilever Extension Adapter UF-CEA17 extends a board bracket / side bracket vertically in order to create a vertical column or a guardrail system at the edge of a scaffold.