Swivel Face Brace

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Cuplock Swivel Face Brace Diagonal 
The Universal Cuplock Swivel Face Brace Diagonals are used in a reinforcement and stabilizing role. With two rotating blades located on either end of the bay brace, the blade inserts into the bottom cup on a cuplock vertical and is then secured and tightened with the top cup. When building out a set of bays with scaffolding, only a max of 3 bays without diagonals (horizontals only) can be erected. The 4th bay in the series would require a diagonal in order to keep the scaffold shored up correctly. 


Heavy Load Capacity 
All Universal cuplock system scaffolding components have been designed and tested in accordance with OSHA, ANSI, and CSA guidelines. All maximum recommended loads are based on a safety factor at ultimate strength of 4:1. Contact us for a copy of the Cuplock Engineering manual with technical specifications on the tubing and loading capacities of the Universal Cuplock Scaffolding System.