Masonry Ladder Frames

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Masonry Ladder Frames 
Universal's Masonry Ladder Frames come in a variety of needed sizes in order to complete the necessary job. Universal carries them in 42" wide or 5' wide sets, ranging in heights of 6'4" tall to 3' tall. Masonry ladder frames are typically used for brick mason work, stucco, carpentry or contractor work of all types. The rungs on the ladder frames are specifically 12" apart in order to comply with all OSHA requirements in the field. 


Hot-Dip Galvanized Frames 
Universal's use of hot-dip galvanized frames increases the life span of a typical scaffold frame significantly and prevents the rust from breaking down a frame and creating a junk yard of inventory. This attention to higher quality material and galvanization sets Universal's frame scaffold apart from the rest.