20 Kip Aluminum Post Shores

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20 Kip Aluminum Shoring Post / Post Shores 
Universal Formworks USA's 20 Kip Aluminum Shore Props form a lightweight, durable and easy to use system for shoring up & supporting buildings, concrete slabs & other needs. The Aluminum Post Shores are a lighter weight & have much higher load ratings than the traditional steel props. These props can also be used as individual props or in combination with the frames by use of the aluminum shore prop frames. 


Higher Load Capability 
The 20 Kip Aluminum Shoring Posts offer a much higher load rating than the traditional steel post shores. Posts can be inverted to achieve even higher load ratings as well. Load ratings at various heights and configurations (Up/Down) can be seen by requesting more information on the website or by calling 888-942-1512. 


Exact Heights 
The 20 Kip Aluminum Post Shores come complete with measuring tape on the extension tube so that precise heights can be achieved on the job sites. 


Self-Cleaning Threading 
The 20 Kip Aluminum Post Shores have a continuous, self-cleaning nut that runs up and down the length of the inner tube effectively self-cleaning the shoring post.