Aluminum I-Beam

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Aluminum I-Beams 
Universal Scaffold & Equipment's Aluminum I-Beams are 6.5" Aluma-Style Beams and are compatible with all other manufacturers of Aluminum Joists, Beams and Stringers. The extruded aluminum I-beam is used for all structural applications where higher strength is required. 


The 6.5" Aluma-Style Aluminum I-Beam has been the standard of the industry for decades. Given aluminum's strength and lightweight properties these beams provide an optimal working combination. Aluminum allows the construction to minimize the number of total horizontal and vertical members required on the job compared to wood beams. Labor productivity is also maximized due to the lightweight beams when compared to steel. 

The I-Beam comes complete with a plastic nailer strip. This is formulated to provide nail gripping properties comparable to wood, and will not become soft in hot weather, nor brittle, nor crack in extreme cold. Plastic nailers are much more durable than wood and will withstand repeated use as plastic is apt to self-heal upon fastener removal.