Non-Slip Ladder

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Non-Slip System Scaffold Ladders
Universal Scaffold & Equipment's Non-Slip System Scaffold Ladders are 17" Wide with rung spacing every 12" for optimal access capabilities. The Non-Slip ladders come complete with perforated rungs that have holes to improve grip and increase worker safety. Non-Slip Scaffold Ladders are interconnected and attached to the scaffolding by use of a clamp-on scaffold ladder bracket. The ladder bracket is also reinforced on both sides to maintain heavier load ratings and stability. Universal's ladders meet and exceed all requirements from OHSA and ANSI standards. The 17" wide access ladders come in lengths of 3' and 6' so you can reach the needed heights required. The Non-Slip System Scaffold Ladder is fully compatible with our standard System Scaffold Ladder and utilizes the same ladder bracket. The ladders are fully hot-dip galvanized.